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Top 30 Most Downloaded Softwares for this Week

Sway 1.0 - "Create visually-appealing presentations [Visit]
AutoUSBCheck 1.2 - "A user-friendly application that helps you detect USB flah drives connected to your computer [Visit]
WarmVerb Rev 0.114 - A powerful and highly versatile audio plugin designed to deliver outstanding effects thanks to its large number of embedded modules [Visit]
Descriptive Geometry 1.32 - Define various geometric shapes and use data to solve complex expressions by writing down code and compiling operations with this application [Visit]
Grade 5 Math Revision Test I 1.0.0009 - Small and helpful math test [Visit]
Enigma Crypter 1.1 - Text encryption and decryption tool which applies the ENIGMA cipher from the Second World War that uses modern CPU power instead of analog decryption sequences [Visit]
Redline Monitor 1.0.7 - "A listening [Visit]
Transformers 3 Windows 7 Theme 1.00 - Windows 7 theme inspired from Transformers 3 [Visit]
Photo Crop to Avatar 1.0 - "Crop images in order to create avatars and choose between several preset size profiles (48x48 [Visit]
Delphi Tutorial 1.0 - Delphi Tutorial is a free tutorial how to create a logical game in delphi [Visit]
Widget Media Player 2.2 - This widget is a simple media player that allows you to play your favorite music. [Visit]
Axence NetTools - "Rich collection of network testing tools that includes ping [Visit]
SAMP 3.0 RC2 - "A command-line program that helps you find the area of a circle and triangle [Visit]
Png2Ico GUI 1.0 - An easy-to-use application that enables you to change all your PNG images to ICO format. [Visit]
Tech Scam URL Blocker 1.0.1 - "Detect tech support scams and prevent them from locking up your web browser [Visit]
Ratio Mercatoris 1.0.0 - The program uses roman numerals and arithmetic operators in combination to create a Roman style Calculator. [Visit]
Stay On Top 1.0f - "Force windows of interest to stay on top of everything else to help focus and work with the help of this lightweight [Visit]
CHOWN 1.1 - Assign a new owner to a file [Visit]
Namtia 0.1 - "Namtia is not only a music player [Visit]
Space Beta - Integrate Oculus Rift into your work flow and split your desktop into six windows that you can coordinate seamlessly with this software solution [Visit]
Smart Article Pad 1.0 - Integrated text editor and browser for writing and submitting articles. [Visit]
Java PGN Parser 0.2.3 - Parse PNG files with this component. [Visit]
4Front Piano Module 1.0 - A small and versatile piano module with unique sound. [Visit]
Xplosive VX 1.0 - "A powerful software [Visit]
DNN Keep Alive 1.0 - Renegade DNN Keep Alive lets you TRULY keep your new DotNetNuke web site alive and running so that it loads fast for everyone [Visit]
Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator 1.0.0 - Easily create wallpapers for Samsung Star 3G [Visit]
MacSound 1.3.3 - An intuitive and easy to use application that allows you to apply the Mac OS X layout style to the sound volume control button on the taskbar [Visit]
Aiprosoft MKV Converter 4.0.02 - A professional MKV conversion tool which supports any video formats. [Visit]
Web Link Validator 5.9 Build 592 - "Advanced URL checker for website testing that automatically detects broken/invalid links and other similar issues [Visit]
Absolute PF 1.9.7 - A file or folder launcher that features a contextual locator. [Visit]