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Top 30 Most Downloaded Softwares for this Week

Cyber-D's Wallpaper Shifter 8.02 - Randomize your wallpaper on startup [Visit]
Kernel OST Viewer 15.0 - "Open OST files [Visit]
HSLAB Force Down 2.8.1216.2010 - Will allow you to shutdown your computer in fast and various ways. [Visit]
AH-CS 3.0 - A simple registry tweak utility. [Visit]
VST-Plugin Unit Test 1.0.1 - An Extreme Programming unit test for generic VST-Plugins [Visit]
Riess Date Browser 4.0.1 - Provides date browsing and date picking functionality within [Visit]
EXIL Advanced Google Searcher 1.0 - Search Google with precision with this easy to use tool [Visit]
ABBYY Aligner - "An application that provides users with the possibility to align texts in different languages [Visit]
PHD Virtual RTA Calculator 1.0 - "A simple [Visit]
SortLines 1.0.1 - A handy tool that sorts out any text data (default from clipboard) by lines. [Visit] 3.0 - A comprehensive suite of open-source programs compiled into an ISO package in order to be mounted as a virtual drive or burned to a disc [Visit]
Serial Proxy 0.1.3-3 - A small tool for talking to an Arduino board from Flash or other programs [Visit]
RH_Logic_Gates - "Logic gate types : AND [Visit]
SterJo Wireless Passwords 1.7 - "Quickly recovers lost passwords to wireless networks [Visit]
Crossword Designer 1.1 PreAlpha - Software solution designed to help you design your own crossword puzzles using a built-in word matching tool and an anagram finder [Visit]
Qimage Professional Edition 2010.210 - Make final adjustments to your photos and arrange them in the page to get them ready for printing with this powerful software utility [Visit]
jsircbot 0.1 - An Internet Relay Chat robot written in Javascript [Visit]
Optimumcut-1D Professional - A Stand-Alone (1 Dimension) Cutting List Generator [Visit]
Microsoft Location Finder - A software application that enables users to easily find their current location on an interactive map by using Wi-Fi access points surrounding them [Visit]
Graphical YouTube-DL 2.1.2 - Download YouTube clips and optionally turn them into MP3 audio tracks using this graphical interface for the youtube-dl command-line tool [Visit]
EncFS MP 0.10.6 - An intuitive application that enables you to create an encrypted file system and mount it on your computer or on a removable drive [Visit]
DropTask - "Organize your tasks using an intuitive virtual canvas and collaborate with your team on complex projects more efficiently [Visit]
CRYPTISA UNBREAKABLE 6.6.1 - Encrypt your important files and confidential documents with the help of this easy to use application and get rid of sensitive files for good [Visit]
Home or Away 10.0.0 - Organize and schedule activities with this useful tool [Visit]
Wipe Expert - "An application that enables you to wipe your system clean of unwanted files and folders [Visit]
NetWrix Password Manager 6.5.782.0 - Self-service password reset and account lockout resolution [Visit]
TellMeAboutDivx 0.17 - TellMeAboutDivx - Shows you information about a DivX file [Visit]
GitKraken 2.4.0 - "Manage [Visit]
GetPDF Encryptor Decryptor 3.02 - "Encrypt your PDF files using different methods of encryption and decryption [Visit]
Batch DOC TO HTM Converter 2016.8.117.1407 - "Quickly creates HTML-formatted files from DOC and DOCX format in single or batch mode [Visit]