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Top 30 Most Downloaded Softwares for this Week

Windows Spy Keylogger 2.0 - Record all user keystrokes and other activities with the help of this user-friendly and straightforward software solution for activity monitorization [Visit]
Universal Extractor 1.6.1 - "Strictly dedicated to extracting archives [Visit]
Combo Model F 1.2.5 - "Oscillators [Visit]
Todo Xnor 1.2 - "A small and efficient application created to help easily add and manage daily and private tasks [Visit]
NRITB Indian Radio Toolbar 0507 - "NRITB Indian Radio Toolbar allows you to listen Indian [Visit]
Facebook Imager - A simple to you application that enables you to quickly acquire the profile pictures from the specified Facebook users and save them to your computer [Visit]
FreeVDF - "Create [Visit]
Advanced IE History Bar - "Keep track of your browsing history [Visit]
DVD Reauthor Professional 3.0 - A powerful tool for Scenarist script creation [Visit]
EXELock 1.1 - Prevents the execution of a program file that is not authorized to run. [Visit]
WhisperCore 0.5.2 Beta - Device and data security for Android. [Visit]
Radio Max toolbar for Firefox - "It's free [Visit]
Web Based PBX Logger 1.0 beta - "PBX Logger accepts the data from a serial port of office telephone station [Visit]
Quick Sequence Diagram Editor 4.01 - Generate UML sequence diagrams [Visit]
Alarm Clock - "Set up alarms by specifying the time in hours and minutes [Visit]
libnbt 1.1 - Read and write all your NBTs with this library [Visit]
DXM Dosage Calculator - Calculate your DXM dosage with this tool. [Visit]
Squirrel ProductivityTools 1.0 - Microsoft PowerPoint add-in designed to help you work more efficiently when creating presentations by putting a number of tools at your disposal [Visit]
Delaunay Triangulation - Generate triangulations with this application. [Visit]
Secure Accelerator 1.5.6 - Secure Accelerator is a great program that works with any internet connection and comes with many features [Visit]
"FoxPro Sybase SQL Anywhere Import - Export & Convert Software 7.0" [Visit]
Browsr 0.1.5 - "A simple-to-use Flickr desktop client that helps you view images and videos [Visit]
CSSDesigner 4.7.3 - Quickly create visually pleasing CSS2 and CSS3 projects with the help of this streamlined and comprehensive piece of software for web design [Visit]
PDF Data Extractor 1.05 - "Extract certain text information within the PDF [Visit]
DropSend Direct - An intuitive and user-friendly application that allows you to send large files up to 2gb easily and securely directly from your desktop [Visit]
IEJet-Popup Killer and Ad Stopper 1.42 - IEJet-Popup Killer and Ad Stopper blocks ad/ads popup windows [Visit]
AMD Clean Uninstall Utility - This uninstallation utility will clean your system of any existing AMD Catalyst drivers to prepare your PC for the clean installation of a new driver version [Visit]
Optical Disk Experiment Analyzer - Optical disk experiment result analyzer. [Visit]
abbeymail 1.5 - This Yahoo widget is a simple POP3 email checker that displays the number of new or old messages [Visit]
CR2 Codec - Preview Canon RAW images in Windows Explorer [Visit]