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Top 30 Most Downloaded Softwares for this Week

JumpListsView 1.10 - "View information stored in Jump Lists [Visit]
PeoplePicker Port Tester 1.1 - Assists you in solving PeoplePicker issues [Visit]
Alagus Print Admin Pro 4.0 build 1852 - "Management [Visit]
SMS360 - "Define lists of recipients and send multiple text messages to several contacts at once by relying on this lightweight [Visit]
Symantec Trojan.Brisv.A Removal Tool - "Small-sized and portable program that will help you remove infections of the Trojan.Brisv.A!inf worm [Visit]
Simple Home Budget - Manage your finances and keep track of your income as well as expenses with the help of this useful and comprehensive application [Visit]
ScrnSnap - "An efficient and user-friendly utility that allows you to quickly capture an image of your screen [Visit]
Corel PDF Fusion [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] 1.14 - "Manage and edit PDF files [Visit]
DIPSTICK - An application that will help you calibrate a dipstick to be used with a horizontal cylindrical tank [Visit]
GlyphViewer 1.2.0 - View and translate Egyptian hieroglyphs [Visit]
Loupse 0.0.2 - "A reliable and innovative solution that allows users to remotely shutdown [Visit]
Win32/Sality Remover - "A useful and portable tool that is specialized in deleting the Win32/Sality.AM virus from your computer [Visit]
Hibernate 1.0 - Vista Gadget that will add to your desktop or sidebar a shortcut to the Hibernate feature [Visit]
Zafi Removal Tool - This is a handy tool for erasing the Zafi virus from your computer [Visit]
Spherical Panorama Combination Video Player Bundle 1.01 - Application bundle that provides you with the tools you need to create Flash and HTML5 video content that can be published on your website. [Visit]
TypePage 0.9.2 - Work on plain and rich text documents in an intuitive interface with different text customization options and possibility to carry it around on a thumb drive [Visit]
Gmail Herald 0.4 - "Receive visual and audio alerts whenever you receive a new email message on your Google account [Visit]
AddTimePro 1.0 - "Keep track of efficiency of your tasks by adding time spent on a total tracker which shows the end value [Visit]
Repper Pro 1.0.116 - Create edit and manage patterns easily [Visit]
Password Generator Professional 2009 - "Software solution that helps you generate strong passwords [Visit]
Maps Downloader For Bing Satellite (formerly Bing Satellite Superget) 7.16.3 - "An application that enables you to download Bing satellite maps directly to your computer [Visit]
Batch Postcode - "This simple and user-friendly application allows you to learn the full address of multiple geographical locations [Visit]
Ping Graph Multi Monitor - Ping Graph Multi Monitor allows realtime monitoring of network servers/devices/services via ICMP or HTTP [Visit] 3.1 - "Video surveillance software. Supports IP cameras [Visit]
p2p Music 1.0 - p2p Music - Simultaneous playing of music from one source on several computers. [Visit]
PC Privacy Shield [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] 3.3.0 - "Scans your computer for several privacy issues and attempts to fix them [Visit]
GPM - Simple Link Shortener 1.0 - A simple and good link shortener. [Visit]
IceSword 1.22 - A very useful rootkit scanner and system information utility that keeps common threats at bay while also providing a report on active processes [Visit]
MyVirtualHome 3.0.3 Build 4940 - A handy application that was especially tailored for users who want to create a three-dimensional preview of their house project [Visit]
Separator 1.0.1 - Adds separators between your programs' icons displayed in your taskbar to help you boost productivity and prioritize tasks efficiently [Visit]