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Top 30 Most Downloaded Softwares for this Week

Personal Network Monitor (PNetMon) Beta - A lightweight network monitoring utility that detects the connections made by software installed on your computer and displays them in an easy to read format [Visit]
Musical Mastery The Piano - A complete virtual piano and synthesized music system. [Visit]
AutoSpectre 8 2.0 - Spatial masses according to the spectral characteristics of the sound [Visit]
GetThemAll Receiver 1.0.1 - Connect your computer to the Android or Windows Phone device in order to quickly transfer files downloaded with the GetThemAll mobile app [Visit]
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Theme - A theme that contains plane wallpapers [Visit]
Font2Bmp 1.42 - Font2Bmp is an application that will create Windows .BMP files from installed fonts [Visit]
TubeOhm Alpha-Ray 1.06F - An easy to use virtual instrument that enables you to create one of a kind sounds and enhance them using the various effects that it provides [Visit]
Rosette swatches for Illustrator 1.0.1 - A collection of swatches for Adobe Illustrator [Visit]
M4A to MP3 Converter 1.20 - "Convert M4A to MP3 [Visit]
TOpenGlPanel 1.2 - Create OpenGl samples or demos [Visit]
Raman Data Search and Storage 2013.09.20 - "Manage Raman data fast and easy when it comes to minerals [Visit]
dvisvgm 1.3 - Ease your work with LaTeX files with the help of this utility [Visit]
DDictionary 2.0 - A small-sized and simple piece of software designed to provide you with the means of finding English corresponding words in Hindi and vice versa [Visit]
Advanced FTP Proxy Server 1.80 - Advanced FTP Proxy Server is a highly flexible application that adds encryption and file caching to your FTP Server [Visit]
Pngtastic 0.4.0 - PNG image optimizer for Java [Visit]
JtB Dive LogBook 2.7.0 - An efficient and comprehensible software application designed to help you easily generate a dive logbook with advanced statistics [Visit]
VenueMagic SC+ 3.0.21 - Seamlessly add DMX and AV effects to your high-end theme park and animatronics applications using this comprehensive software solution [Visit]
NetPing 1.0 - "Checks whether a specific IP address or website is down or online by sending it ping requests and waiting for a response [Visit]
iControl 1.0 Stable - Remote control for Apple's iTunes that uses global keyboard shortcuts to control it [Visit]
USBAgent 3.7 Build 1 - Launch the programs you have on your USB stick with this tool [Visit]
Alventis Button Workshop 1.00 - Design your custom button from scratch with this intuitive application that provides numerous features and support for major image file formats [Visit]
LM3915 Calculator - "Calculate the ideal resistor values by entering the sensitivity and LED current [Visit]
YafaRay 0.1.5 - An open source raytracing render engine [Visit]
JDRemoteDesktop 1.0 Build - "Administer multiple remote desktop connections [Visit]
Slide Screensaver - With Slide Screensaver you will be able to display images in either random or alphabetical order [Visit]
File Lister 1.6 - "Lightweight and portable piece of software for indexing directories [Visit]
DH_AllpassFilter 1.0 - A 2-pole allpass filter module [Visit]
NeverLost 1.1.6 - Backup your portable device settings [Visit]
butt 0.1.14 - An easy to install and configure audio broadcasting application that fits well on your computer and allows you to share music with others [Visit]
FontReg 2.1.2 - Windows Font Registration and Installation Utility [Visit]