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Top 30 Most Downloaded Softwares for this Week

HTML Compiler 2017.6 (04/02/2017) - "A tool designed to provide you with a means of packaging an entire website as an executable [Visit]
Audio Format Converter Beta 1 - "Convert MP3 to WAV audio tracks after specifying the preferred sample rate and channel mode [Visit]
Tabler Maker - "A multiplication table generator that can output the result of multiplying any two numbers [Visit]
SubmissionGate - A useful directory submission software [Visit]
epcEdit 1.2.6 - Powerful XML / SGML editor [Visit]
Voice Insert ActiveX SDK 3.3 - Voice Insert ActiveX SDK-Insert Speech To Text in any Windows Application with Read Aloud Mouse Target [Visit]
Website DORM (formerly Website Monitor) - Simple application which enables you to check and monitor your favorite websites for changes and download new items to the hard drive [Visit]
Babel Obfuscator - This application offers you the possibility to obfuscate the source code of your executable files so you can prevent tampering with it [Visit]
CSearcher - "Search for files within your computer with advanced options for filtering the results [Visit]
BitRecover Eudora Viewer 4.0 - "Open Eudora mailboxes to view messages [Visit]
XML ValidatorBuddy XMLSpy Plugin 3.7 - "Implement Schematron validation in XMLSpy and process XML files with ease [Visit]
Built4Recipes 1.0.0 - "A simple to use application dedicated to helping you sort [Visit]
Gmail Checker Opera Widget 0.92 - The Gmail Checker Opera Widget allows you to always keep an eye on your Gmail account [Visit]
Perfect Science Icons 2015.1 - Hundreds of science related objects and symbols in one icon set [Visit]
Solar Calculator - "Calculate solar panel requirements based on the total energy consumption in your house [Visit]
Test Case Export to Excel 1.0 Beta - Rxport the test cases present in form Work items in TFS 2010 to MS Excel. [Visit]
QZoom 1.5e - "Non-obtrusive application which enables you to zooming in and out of the screen [Visit]
SoftSmithy 0.4 Pre-Aplha - A Java component to help you with your development. [Visit]
RockN Audio 3.1 - "A simple and easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to record [Visit]
SSIS Wait Task 1.0 - A SSIS task which suspends execution for a time period or until a specific time with and additional SQL statement that can be defined to delay execution [Visit]
SharePoint Topology Data Collection - A timer job that will collect information about a Sharepoint farm topology. [Visit]
Fontonizer 1.3 - Fontonizer - easy to use Font Organizer that helps you keep track of all your fonts [Visit]
PlacesBar Constructor 1.2 - Quickly and easily customize the shortcuts displayed in the placebar on the left hand side of Window's "Open/Save" dialog window [Visit]
SWF to GIF Animator 1.0 - Helps you convert SWF files to GIF format [Visit]
Avatar Windows 7 Theme - A must-have theme for all Avatar fans on Windows 7 [Visit]
QTSampledSP 0.9.6 - A simple and lightweight library that comes in handy for Java programmers who need a simple method for decoding various audio files [Visit]
Photomark [SOFTPEDIA EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: 10% OFF!] 1.6.1 - "Add watermarks to any of your photos with only a few mouse clicks with the help of this intuitive [Visit]
Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 SDK 1 - A useful toolkit for application development [Visit]
Waveguide Model - Analyze waveguide with this tool. [Visit]
TypeScript for Visual Studio 1.0 RTM - A language for application-scale JavaScript development [Visit]